Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moments of Being

The memories that can have the most emotional impact for the writer are those we don't really understand, the images that rise up before us quite without our volition.  For example, the flash of our mother's face as she sips from a cooled cup of coffee, her eyes betraying some private grief you've never seen before; or the smell of grapefruit ripening on a tree outside your bedroom window.  Perhaps the touch of a stranger's hand reminds you of the way your grandmother casually grasped your hand in her own, the palm so soft but the knuckles so rough, as you sat together watching television, not speaking a word.
These are the river teeth, or the moments of being, the ones that suck your breath away. What repository of memory do you hold in your heart rather than your head?  What are the pictures that rise up to the surface without your bidding?  Take these as your cue. Pick up your pen, your net, your magnet, whatever it takes.  Be on alert.  This is where you begin.

From Tell It Slant by Brenda Miller & Suzanne Paola

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