Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Alert! Tomorrow, September 26, is the Deadline to Sign Up For My Short Story Class at Edmonds Community College Beginning October 1, 2013

This class covers crafting a short story all the way to publishing. There are literally hundreds of journals looking for stories. This is true!

My class is intense personal, positive and supportive.  Promoting self-esteem is paramount.  We get to know one another very quickly and become wholly involved.

As a teacher, it doesn't take me long to uncover strengths in a writer and exploit them.  We start from the critical first sentence right through to resolution.

Everything in a short story is there for a reason. I cover characters, dialogue, conflict, plot, similes,
metaphors, point of view, scene, narration, voice (and everything in between) in a heartfelt way.

Here is the link to sign up:

Or call 425 640.1243 between 10 and 2:00

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