Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Story of Your Life is Never Boring

Stephen King's book, On Writing --  A Memoir of the Craft, is a link between writing and living.  Not a "how-to" necessarily, more an account of his struggles, successes and the drive to write.  Often it is very funny, always it's useful and revealing.

Steve had a teaching certificate and two kids, but he couldn't find a teaching job.  So he went to work at a commercial laundry.  He found little extras in hospital laundry like boxes of Cracker Jacks with weird prizes in them.  He found a steel bedpan in one load and a pair of surgical scissors in another. Once he heard a strange clicking from inside of one washer and hit the emergency stop button. In a pocket of surgical scrubs he found a complete set of human teeth.

What's more interesting than that?  When someone tells me about their so-called boring life, I don't believe them.  Whether you've worked in a laundry or on the 21st floor of a skyscraper, it's all grist to the mill.  Write that story and share it with me, please.

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