Friday, September 13, 2013

Rule One In Writing

The first rule in writing is that there are no rules.

This is what I tell my class before giving pointers in writing characters, dialogue, conflict, plot, simile, metaphor, point of view, scene, narration, voice, etc.

The truth is there is no system, no set of rules that guarantee good writing.  No magic formula that will make hard work, commitment, inspiration, taste and good luck unnecessary.  There are some ways  to trigger imagination.  Being obsessed with the need to write helps.  Patience helps.  Doing this for love helps.  Take the vow.

My classes are intense, personal positive and supportive.  Promoting self-esteem and confidence is paramount.  As a teacher is doesn't take me long to discover strengths in a writer and exploit them.

Teaching in a heartfelt way promotes accomplishment and leads to success.  Rules are only suggestions.  Each story has it own rule.

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